Saturday, August 8, 2009


Not too much has been going on, which is actually a good thing! The doctors are focused on getting the blood clot the rest of the way dissolved; it's on the right track, luckily! Her belly has been pretty swollen, so they upped the amount of Lasiks she's getting. She's been running fevers on and off, so she gets Tylenol as needed and they're running cultures on everything to see if there's an infection anywhere. She's been on antibiotics just in case. She's not really having too many seizures, if any at all, really! She still has some small tremors on and off, but neurology stopped by and said if we're happy with they way she is (which we are!) then they're happy and they have nothing else they want to do to her. Yay! One more step closer to home. Speaking of which... (knock on wood) the nurses have been mentioning she's close to going home! (Yay again!) She'll most likely be sent home with the Lovinox shots (blood thinners). Cameron's going to be the one to give them, I can't! Even so, we're willing to give her a few shots a day to be able to be comfortable at home again. <3

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  1. Glad to hear some good news !!! Praying & HUGS !!! :)