Monday, August 17, 2009


So, Harley's liver is failing. Her skin is getting yellower every day and her belly keeps swelling pretty bad. I guess I've finally come to the realization that Harley is going to die and this is the beginning of the end. I keep praying and hoping she'll somehow be a medical miracle, and it may somehow happen, I sure hope & pray it will but it's highly unlikely. To make matters worse the doctors seem to have basically given up on her because she's dying anyways. Right now her temp is low. We loaded her with blankets and a hat trying to get her body temp back to normal. So far she's being a trooper and fighting to warm back up. We have it set up to transfer her over to Phoenix Children's Hospital tomorrow; let's just hope they can do more for her than they have been at St. Joe's. Honestly we're just hoping she makes it through the night; a low temp is not good, no matter how you look at it.


  1. Praying for all of you , HUGS

  2. you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!

  3. Praying for you also. What is wrong with those doctors. You would think they would do everything they can for her. Honestly, I would be glad to get out of there too. Only God really knows what is going to happen and it sounds to me like the drs. think they are God.