Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Internet, phones & cable have been down all day at work until now so I'm going to have to update real quick before I get off at 5:30pm. : D

Wow, what an improvement since Thursday! They put her on TPA (a risky blood thinner [but potent] that they don't normally use because of the risks) which broke her blood clot down enough to take her off the TPA and put her on Lovinox, a normal blood thinner given as a shot in her belly. It has fewer risks and she can even be sent home on it if need be.

Her seizures have once again lessened (yay!) and she's more awake, too. She was even yelling at the nurses when they bothered her this weekend and opened her eyes more! She's got her little attitude back, it's so cute! Okay, that's the quick update for now. I'll try and update again later, gotta get to the baby! = )


  1. Praise God I'm so happy she is doing better. Still praying her & her family. Thanx for the update. :)

  2. PRAISE GOD!!! I am glad she is doing better! I will keep praying for her and her family!