Monday, August 10, 2009


Wow, Harley is such a talker! Over the weekend she was awake and alert, opening her eyes and talking to us! One night I got up to use the restroom and was quiet so I wouldn't disturb her and then I hear "Mom!" from Honey Bear! She sure knows when someone's in her room and moving around! Over the weekend I heard her say 'Mom', 'No', 'Yeah', and 'Baby' (I asked her if she wanted her doll and she said 'Baby'!). It's so exciting to actually be able to converse with her! I can ask her 'Do you want water?' and she'll let me know (we put some in a water bottle cap and pour a little at a time in her mouth).

Besides that there's good news and bad news. Good news is that the blood clot is still shrinking and the doctor said they'll do another ultrasound today to make sure the clot didn't just move. Lookin' good towards going home!

Bad news is that her liver is still failing. The whites of her eyes are turning yellow, a trait that happens due to a failing liver. They put her on a new med that'll help her liver function, I hope it helps and maybe just maybe will 'kick-start' it into working again? Ya never know...

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