Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last night I didn't get much accomplished. They did finally take the IV out of her neck and put one in her left hand! Yay! That helped the swelling in her face, too. They apparently changed her formula AGAIN to something called Boost. It's 'Complete nutrition for kids age 1-10', vanilla flavor. She's still bloated, still having seizures, still sleeping alot, still won't talk to us. They are giving her albumen (I was told it was protien and when I looked it up it's the whites of eggs, which would explain it being a good source of protien, but my husband is allergic to eggs: he can only eat 1 or so then he throws them up. He's had reactions to the flu shots, which has eggs in them, too. Harley hasn't really eaten enough eggs to tell if she's like her daddy or not.) which they say helps the swelling. She fell asleep last night, so they weren't concerned about her seizures because they stopped... because she passed out from exhaustion! Urrg! I guess tonight is round 2... wish us luck!


  1. You hang in there girl. You and Harley are always on my mind. I wish you luck, strength and a miricle.
    Keep up the updates, I am sure there are more of us who care then you know.

  2. thank you for keeping us updated! you are such a strong women and harley is def in my thoughts! i was hoping if you didnt mind getting me an address, i have a shirt for harley i would love to send to you guys! (i started following your story on cafemom, babies born in jan 08 group..)
    god bless!