Monday, July 20, 2009


Wow, what an improvement! Harley has been doing GREAT. She's more awake now, is moving her head a little and has even been trying to talk! (She opens her mouth wide and moves her lips and tounge.) She's on a more normal schedule (sleeps at night, wakes up during the day with a few naps) and has had NO seizures or throwing up for 2 or 3 days now! We started giving her meds through her J tube (the extention that goes into her intestines) instead of the G (straight into her stomach) and it seems to have made all the difference! We're still trying to get a hold of the neurologist, but in the meantime we've at least found something that works for us!

Other than that, she seems pretty congested, but at least she can cough it up and out of her chest. Also, she's been doing GREAT with no oxygen during the day (for the most part)! It's just been SOOOO nice to have her more awake and interacting with us! I haven't even thought about getting a picture of her with her eyes open yet, we've been too excited about her being more awake!

Oh, and she has her little attitude back! When she grinds her teeth we put a pacifier in her mouth, right? Well, now she tries to spit it out, which is fine if she stops grinding her teeth, but if not we force it back into her mouth. She used to just accept it, but now she waits till we aren't looking (or she thinks we aren't looking) and spits it right out. It's the cutest thing! She's not grinding her teeth as hard (at least she doesn't make her whole mouth bleed anymore) so we aren't too worried about her spitting them out. That's about all for now!

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  1. Praise God , glad things are going better. HUGS & PRAYERS :)