Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Harley wasn’t doing too well yesterday and last night. She’s really swollen and this time it doesn’t seem to be going down any. They’re giving her Lasiks more often now and her potassium was high (which apparently causes bloating) so they stopped supplementing the potassium in her formula. She’s also having seizures more frequently now, too.

When I ask the nurse about the constant bloating she just says her Lasiks was upped and the potassium was stopped. Other than that, I guess they don’t care. When I tell the nurse about her seizures she just says she charted it and will let the doctors know. This is really upsetting us that they aren’t addressing our concerns. Last time Harley was in there they did very well at ‘making us happy’ and addressing our concerns and I don’t understand why this time would by any different. If she’s still swollen by tonight I’m going to ask to talk to the doctor myself and let him/her know how upset we are by all this. Poor baby is so uncomfortable from the swelling and excess seizures she won’t talk to us anymore and is sleeping all the time again. I don’t understand why she was doing so well and now she’s back to where she was before. I guess we’ll just have to wait, probably do more med changes and see.

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