Thursday, May 21, 2009


We've been expecting the hospital to release Harley since Monday. So far, they still haven't. Tuesday they told us Wednesday, Wednesday they were waiting on a lab result, Wednesday night the Nurologists had the say so. Would have been nice if they let the Neurologists know earlier in the week instead of last minute! We moved all our junk out of the hospital and back to the house, at least and got ALLOT of laundry done.

When she IS finally released, she'll be going to Los Ninos Hospital, 24th Street and Thomas (down the road from St. Joseph's Hospital, where she is now). It's a 15 bed independent and free-standing hospital that specializes in acute and sub-acute care for infants, children and teens. (Taken right off the website!) It's basically a place to go before you transition to home from the hospital. They will train us and make sure we are well prepared to care for Harley once we're on our own. They also have resources that will help us once we do go home. I feel confident that Harley will continue to improve once she's home, back in a familiar environment, and can relax (sort of). I'm going to make sure we still get physical therapy coming in and I'll try to get a home health agency involved, too; that will help us out even more. For now it's just patience, patience, patience while we wait to find out what's going on and to get our last minute questions answered. Thank you all for the continued prayer and support. Wish us luck and keep praying for a miracle!

UPDATE @ 3:00PM-

They are FINALLY releasing her! She'll be going over to Los Ninos Hospital for a week or two. I'll let you know how it goes!

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