Friday, May 8, 2009

From May 7th

Harley had her surgery this morning and was, once again, my strong, brave, big girl! She was a trooper and didn't have any problems. They put just a G tube in (just the valve that goes into her stomach, not the tube that goes down into her intestines) and if she needs the J part, they'll put that in after about 4 weeks. Let's hope she does good with just this part and doesn't need the other attachment. They're giving her her meds through the valve today and will start the feeds tomorrow.After her surgery she woke up and had her eyes open and everything. She only really got mad when we moved her (as always), but other than that she did great! It actually seems she can move her arms more fluently and with more purpose (instead of the 'myoclonis' from her brain damage that makes her arms jerk randomly). She's opening her hands and fingers more and even SLAPPED THE DOCTOR when he came in to check out how her surgery went! That's my girl! It was the cutest thing ever! He said something like, 'Oh, she's just like my ex-girlfriend!' and her eyes popped open and she just wide-eyed stared at him! Lol! She's got her little attitude back!

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