Monday, December 21, 2009

Fire Fighters.

On Thursday night around 7 or 8pm the firefighters who came for Harley back in July stopped by our apartment to see how Harley (and us) were doing! It was such a sweet gesture!
I heard a semi in our apartment complex and just expected some car to be towed. When we looked out our window, we saw the fire truck pulling up outside our apartment. We were just worried they were there for our neighbor (she's my age [young] with a daughter that's the age Harley would be and she was sick the other day...) so I looked out our peephole to see if they were going next door and told Cameron 'They're actually coming here...' He answered the door and they were like 'Do you remember us?'
We talked for a while and they told us they still talk about us at the station and about how good we took care of Harley. They were genuinely impressed! It touched our hearts that they still thought about Harley and us. We told them Harley passed and they gave us their condolences. They said the day they came for Harley they wrote down our address so they could come back and check up on her, on us! They were so sweet! We want to do something for them like bring them all lunch one day down at the station. My cousin happens to also be a firefighter (different city, though) too, so I'm going to ask him what we could do for them. I just still can't believe it! I am so touched! I'm so glad Harley touched the lives of so many. Every day it seems I find someone else who Harley (or her story, even) has touched and how it changed their lives, if even for just a little bit. I love Harley so much, she still doesn't cease to impress me, even in Heaven. <3


  1. This is really awesome and I'm glad they stopped by! How kind of them!! Harley no doubt touched so many!