Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Compassionate Friends.

So I finally felt up to it (and didn't forget) and went to my first meeing of The Compassionate Friends. First off, I couldn't walk in the door without breaking down and crying. Besides me, the newest person lost their son a year ago in September (it's been about 3 months now for me, doesn't seem like it, though). Hoenstly, bad first meeting to go to (it was their holiday celebration), but I'm so glad I did. They had a very emotional candle lighting for all the lost kids and everyone (even me) went up, lit a candle and put down a picture of their loved one and said "I light this candle for my (son, daughter, etc.), (name)" etc. It was so hard! Oh, and there was a slide show of all the lost kids and of course it was put to really sad music. Afterwards they had a pot luck dinner with everything from home made meatballs to Jack in the Box tacos. It was awesome! I tried not to eat too much, though because my husband had dinner waiting at home. Overall, I met some wonderful people there who know the loss I'm going through and are able to help me first hand. Their meetings are once a month, which isn't bad. I think I'll fit in just fine there and I'm really glad I decided to finally go to a meeting. = )


  1. Im glad you went and had a good time, considering.

  2. I'm glad that you went even though it was hard. It's nice to be able to be with others in person.