Thursday, October 1, 2009

Signs From Harley

I wanted to share with everyone the signs we’ve gotten so far from Harley! Here goes:

First sign: Cameron was lying in bed one night, really missing Harley. He rolled over and made a little spot for her, like she was really there. Next thing he knows he can actually FEEL her there! She knew he needed her so she came and visited him! How cool is that?

Second sign: I was in the shower, washing my hair, when I realized my left pointer finger hurt. I looked down and see an indent like one from a ‘hair tourniquet’. Let me explain: When Harley was about 4 or 5 months old, we were giving her a bath and noticed one of my hairs wrapped around her finger on her left hand (it may have even been the same finger!). We tried to cut it off, but it was on too tightly. We took her to Urgent Care, where they told us this was actually quite common. The hair gets wrapped around the finger and then starts to tighten, hence the name ‘hair tourniquet’. They had to poke and prod her poor finger with a needle to try and cut the thing off. Poor baby girl. They almost had to send us to the ER! They finally got it off and her poor finger had such a deep cut on it from that stupid piece of hair. We had to put antibiotic ointment on it to make sure it didn’t get infected. Anyway, so I look down and see the exact same mark on MY finger. There is NO way my hair made that deep of an indent in my finger. Crazy thing was it was only on the top of my finger! It went away after a few minutes, but that had to have been Harley!

Third sign: Last night, I brought 6 huge balloons (they took up my whole backseat!) and a plant with yellow flowers to Harley’s grave. I tied the 6 balloons onto a weight and then onto a garden stake we have there. I only tied 1 knot, but figured with 6 huge balloons on 1 side of the ribbon and a weight on the other end, there’s no way the balloons should come untied, right? Wrong. I then bent down to try and get some wax off some fake flower petals that were in a candle holder my sister-in-law, Rebecca, made for Harley’s gravesite. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the balloons were a little farther away than they should be. I looked up and they had COME OFF THE GARDEN STAKE! They only floated a little ways away, so I got up, grabbed them, and then tied them back on the garden stake with SEVERAL knots this time. I didn’t realize it then, but that was Harley playing around! My little girl is still full of mischief…

It’s so nice to know that Harley still has her playful attitude. She’s still the same little trouble-maker she was here on Earth. We love and miss you, Honey Bear! You'll always be my little girl. We’ll see you again one day in Heaven. <3


  1. I love to think that our children send us signs.

  2. Thats sweet. the day we released balloons for Harley one lingered behind. My husband said it was Harley's way of saying she is still here with us in her own way.