Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Home!

Okay, first off, Harley's J tube surgery went great! We left for St. Joe's Hospital about 10:30am and got back to Los Ninos around 4:30pm. She was only in surgery for about an hour and then off to recovery where Chaplain Michelle (from St. Joe's Hospital: she came around alot when we were in the PICU) baptized her for us. It was short and sweet, just like I wanted.

The J tube has helped with her throwing up, but it's only slowed it down instead of stopping it like we thought. Now she's only throwing up mucous and clear liquid, sometimes stomach acid. She's only threw up a few times where there's any formula in it at all. Also, the first few times she threw up after the surgery there were spots of blood in it. That scared us, but the nurses were right: it was just from the surgery and it stopped. She's now only throwing up 1-3 times a day and she's actually getting more of the formula through her system, which is great! I wish it would have stopped the throwing up completely, but I'm sure Honey Bear appreciates not throwing up so much.

Okay, now for the BIG news: WE'RE GOING HOME TODAY! Or so they tell us. Cameron said he thinks Harley even knows because she's been more awake and happier today! I'm in close phone contact with Cameron, who's at the hospital with her (I have to work) and so far it's still on for today, even though we still haven't received her O2 monitor. Cameron also said they still have to check out apartment out (which we weren't aware they had to do!) which is okay, except her room itself. We moved her crib into the 'dining room' so she can 'hang out' with us, plus it's just EASIER, and we have no where else to put her toys. It's piled in her room, in her closet, etc. We still need to go through her clothes and get rid of alot of them, too. Oh, and they told Cameron we may need to move her crib AGAIN because it's by the kitchen, which has a stove, and she's on oxygen. Uuuugggghhhh! Will this never end? I just want her home, though; AND SAFE, so I guess it's a good thing, but I'd rather just never use the stove. ; ) I can live off TV dinners! Anyway, I'll update again tomorrow with how today went. Don't be surprised if our house doesn't 'pass' or her O2 monitor hasn't come in or the doctors are still concerned about her throwing up, etc. and we're still at Los Ninos tomorrow. It's okay if that's the case, though, because that's all for Harley's safety and well-being. :)

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